Product Description: Only suitable for LS2 FF320 Stream Evo & LS2 FF353 Rapid Helmets (with Fog city Ready (pins) visors)


  • The fog city go lens is an easy effective antifog solution for motorcycle helmet visor with fog city studs.
  • This lens has a flexible seal that creates an air pocket between the lens and the visor. Simply install the fog city go lens into the visor and you are ready to go.

Flexible seal

  • Clear vision during every ride
  • Mounted between studs to stay firmly in place
  • Flexible seal offering maximum anti-fog performance

Two Step installation

  1. Make sure that the inside of the visor is properly cleaned.
  2. Place the fog city go lens on the inside of the visor between the two studs.
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To know what helmet size you are, you must measure the circumference of your head. For this you can help yourself, for example, with a measuring tape or a thread. Once that value is obtained, you will find your corresponding size in the following table.


Most helmets have two shells (outer part) for the entire range of sizes. If there are more shells, you can wear one that is more suited to the circumference of your head without having to carry the weight and size of one that is excessively large for you.

XXS 51-52 cm
XS 53-54 cm
S 55-56 cm
M 57-58 cm
L 59-60 cm
XL 61-62 cm
XXL 63-64 cm
3XL 65-66 cm
4XL 67-68 cm
LS2 FF320 FF353 FF800 Helmet Antifog Insert Fog City Lens – Clear

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